Welcome to  Valiu Industrial Co.,Ltd.          Http://www.valiuco.com     Accesories for knitting machines & Flat knitting machines : cams,  yarn carriers, cylinders, ceramic guides, parts for  Shima Seiki machines and stoll machines, gears, cables with plugs,  transformers ......

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                                Used circular knitting machines on sale. The brands are Mayer & Cie, Fukuhara, Terrot, Pailung, Sanda, and so on... .

 Qty                         Description                    Model No.            Year           

  4            Mayer & Cie  32IN, 28G 102F          S4-3.2             2006               


 Qty                             Description                    Model No.           Year       

      2             Mayer & Cie  30IN, 24G 48F              MV4.0                 1997         


Qty                        Description                        Model No.           Year       

2          Mayer & Cie  30IN/32IN, 24G/28G       MV4-3.2         1997     



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